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Why Another Tablet?



I love my two year old Android tablet. It is an inexpensive 7″ Acer tablet that fits in my hand beautifully, and has worked pretty much flawlessly in the time that I have owned it. And I am always impressed by the endless availability of excellent Apps for Android devices.

So why do I now own an HP Stream 8 tablet as well?

About two weeks ago I saw an ad for the HP Stream 8 for $179. A couple of things immediately caught my eye:

  1. It is Windows 8.1 (not Windows RT), so any Windows software can be installed.
  2. It comes with FREE 4G access for the lifetime of the device from T-Mobile (only 200MB per month, but hey, this is better than nothing).
  3. Generally, excellent reviews on Amazon.

I purchased the tablet from Amazon, and really do love this tablet for a few reasons:

  1. It is completely compatible with my other Windows 8 devices (desktop and laptop computer).
  2. It has a fully functioning Microsoft Office (I am writing this post using the tablet and my Bluetooth keyboard).
  3. It is much faster than my other tablet for using the Internet.
  4. It has a really nice display (I’ve watched a couple of movies and have enjoyed the up-close-and-personal feel).

This device has changed my perspective to some degree. I have always believed that there is plenty of room in our evolving world for competing technologies, such as laptops and tablets. I still do believe this whole heartedly. But now I also see the appeal of a device that lives comfortably in both technology worlds. I did not really expect to so enjoy what is essentially a tiny laptop. But I do!

And BTW, I just checked, and it is now available at Amazon for $149!


I would love to hear your thoughts!

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