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Word and WordPress Unite!


There always seems to be something new to find and explore, even in a program that you’ve possibly been using for well over a decade.

I accidentally stumbled upon the blogging features built right into Word, and was surprised at how seamlessly Word and WordPress work together. This interface is worth trying if you are familiar and comfortable with Word.

To use the blogging features in Word 2013, navigate as follows:

        File è Share è Post to Blog

Once you have done this, you will see a different set of Word tabs than are normally present at the top of the screen: Blog Post and Insert.

From the Blog Post ribbon, you have access to a simple, but reasonable array of formatting options, as well as some features for managing your blog. Basic text formatting options are pretty much the same as for normal Word documents. Features such as Spellcheck and Format Painter are also available. To use any of the blog features, you will be asked to login to WordPress. You can choose to have Word remember your password if you are comfortable doing so. Once you have logged in, you can publish a new blog post, open existing blog posts, add categories to your posts, or just go to your blog home page. And from the Insert ribbon, you are able to add other content to your post, such as pictures, tables, and hyperlinks.

So, poke around in your favorite programs every now and then. You may be surprised at what you find!


I would love to hear your thoughts!

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